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All my life I've been following a thread. I can't describe the thread, but it's always been there - pulling me away from dysfunctional environments, pushing me forward, towards a deeper engagement with the mystery of things.

I travelled, I taught, I studied; I rebelled, I conformed; I got sick, I got well. But always, at the heart of it, the mystery of being a small human in a vast, interpenetrating world.

I've lived and worked in England, Scotland, Switzerland, Italy, India and Australia. I studied art at St Martins School of Art, London,  and later did a degree at SOAS, London University, in Indian Art & Architecture; carrying out field work in South India at three sacred sites, as well as researching a dissertation entitled ‘Symbol and Reality: the Embodiment of the Divine in the Sacred Images of India’. I also have a postgraduate degree in Education,  and was an academic writer for ten years, publishing a number of papers exploring the implications of complexity/ dynamic systems theories for research in the Social Sciences.

I became a full-time image-maker in 2008. I also move and play music. 

In 2013 I had a solo show, Wild Life. There were 55 paintings, interspersed with poems by Em Strang and Jamie Reaser. Rachel Amey wrote a performance piece for the show and performed it twice a day. I did live sandpainting, and invited my visitors to do it too. In 2017 some students from Stirling University made a video about my work.

As I've chosen not to become  involved with either commercial galleries or funding bodies, this site is currently the only place where it's possible to see what I've been doing. Before Covid my images were available as cards at Summerhall. Now you can only buy them at Cahoots in Portobello and in my Etsy shop. 

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